May 13, 2021

Deferred MBA Client

“I am currently a college senior. I’ve worked with Scott to apply for 6 MBA programs that have early admission/ deferral program. Now I have been accepted to one school and waiting for results on others. For the school I’ve been accepted, I also got half tuition which totally paid off the consultancy fees. I have to say that it has been a wonderful experience working with Scott…Throughout the application process, he played a pivotal role. First of all, since I am a younger applicant, I was essentially writing on my goals after 4 years (2 years of deferral period and then 2 years of MBA). Scott was able to help me sort out all my
possible options and evaluate which one works the best. It was more than writing an essay but more like helping me to sort out my life. He could help me to explore all career options because he himself graduated from Wharton and have had a wide range of industry background. He was extremely patient and would hop on a call with me when necessary…It was awesome working with Scott and I would totally recommend anyone who is considering going to MBA.”