May 13, 2021

Early MBA Planning Client

After having preliminary calls with multiple different consultants, I chose to work with Personal MBA Coach through their Early MBA Planning package and am very happy that I did. I did not realize how little I knew about how to present myself to the admissions offices and can say with confidence that without their help I would not have gotten into all three of my round one schools, including Wharton, my top choice (Booth and CBS were the others). The price tag was initially a bitter pill to swallow but was worth it many times over in the end. They not only helped me craft a very strong application from an atypical
background but also helped me clarify to myself why I was really going back to school and enabled me the confidence to pursue the programs that really suited my specific goals. All in all, I would recommend Personal MBA Coach wholeheartedly – I have already recommended them to all of my friends who are beginning the application process.