claire cahill
March 30, 2022

Kellogg ’24

Scott and his team were absolutely fantastic! I could not have gotten through the MBA process without him! I used his services for applying to 5 schools and GMAT tutoring. I got into my top choice program at an M7 and couldn’t be happier!

I started the MBA application process pretty late (treated it like a sprint, not a marathon). I started working through applications and the GMAT together starting in June/July for R1 deadlines in September. I reached out to Scott because I knew I was going to be overwhelmed. I was looking for somebody who’d keep me honest, was organized, pragmatic, easily approachable, and knew his stuff. Scott 100% met this.

Throughout the process, Scott was a voice of reason. He’s great at listening to you and explaining the nuances of the application process. When I was considering pushing some of my applications to R2 Scott helped me strategize so that I maximized my chances in both rounds. The turnaround on essay reviews was very quick, the feedback was always targeted and actionable. Whenever I started falling behind on timelines (which was often!), I got a gentle reminder to help keep me on track.

The interview prep also really helped. The mock interviewers are former members of admissions committees for top schools and have actual experience with admissions reviews. The feedback is provided real time and takes into consideration the school you’re prepping for and what is important for that school.

I could not recommend Scott more!