claire cahill
April 5, 2022

Columbia Business School and Chicago Booth ’24 Admit

I met Scott 3 years ago at an MBA fair in Paris. I decided to work with him for my round 2 applications and called him pretty late in the process. I was worried about my low GPA, my age and the price tag. From the initial meeting, Scott gave me non-sugarcoated advice about my candidacy. Working with Scott’s team was amazing. The team is highly professional. There were a lot of exchanges and I was pushed to think deeply on my career goals and the meaning of every sentence in my application documents. Be prepared to be challenged on that part. Towards the end of the preparation, the team checked how I felt about my work. I was very proud of the quality of my application! The interview prep was great too. I was asked the same questions I was asked during my real interviews (shout out to Nicole and Jacqueline!).

I applied to 2 US schools (CBS and Booth) and 1 European school, got admitted at both the US schools with scholarships, and haven’t received the European’s school response yet but I am pretty sure it will be a “yes.”

All in one, this outcome would never have been possible without Scott and his amazing team (I know it for sure since I applied round 1 with another consultant on an hourly basis, and looking back, I can confidently say that I messed these applications up).

Calling Scott was the best decision I made this year! Thank you, Scott, and the Personal MBA Coach team for this outcome!