Darya Smirnova
February 15, 2023

Wharton, MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School, NYU Stern, Michigan Ross & Kellogg ’25 Admit

Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach were absolutely incredible to work with. As someone without a lot of connections with business school experience/aspirations, finding a consultant was an important step that I had decided on quite early in my application journey. After shopping around the different options for a bit, I chose to work with Scott and his team for a couple of different reasons: they provide extremely comprehensive support; I felt that Scott genuinely cared about my MBA journey, and they had a great track record for M7 programs.

Although it’s still early in application season, I’ve already been admitted to Columbia Business School ED, and I can say without a doubt that Scott and his team’s support has been instrumental in my success. From the start, they’ve been masterful in helping me craft my story, patient in my many essays and resume revisions, and honest in their recommendations from an admissions perspective. I initially had the least confidence in my essays, resume, and recommendations, and with the editing and proofreading team’s help, I am now as confident in those as ever.

Post application submissions, I was also able to do a mock interview with someone on Scott’s team; with the help of their feedback, my next-day interview went super smoothly! Not only did they allow me to practice my responses, but they also gave me insight into the purpose of the interview and recommendations on how to better tell my story.

Finally, I think what really sets Scott apart from the other admissions consultants is his accessibility — I’ve had many small questions pop up throughout my application process (ranging from financial aid, application strategy, logistics, etc), and he’s been very patient and prompt in his responses. I would highly recommend working with Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach, and I’m already looking forward to hearing back from the rest of my schools!