Congrats! You received an interview invite. Now comes the most important part, acing it. Why leave this to chance? Our team of former M7 interviewers conduct mock interviews every year for all of the top schools. We will provide you with a school specific guide containing not only the latest questions that will be asked but the types of answers they are looking for, as well as how to best deliver them. Have a former MBA interviewer prepare you for your target school.


Wharton - While the group interview is nothing to worry about, it does require a very specific kind of interview preparation that is quite different from your standard MBA interview prep. Let a former Wharton TBD interviewer prepare you! Our interviewer conducted interviews at Wharton for over 70 applicants last year. Wharton students and adcoms are looking for you to demonstrate certain qualities in the interview. Qualities that we will teach you how to weave into your responses so you can stand out from the crowd. We will conduct a group TBD mock interview over Google Hangout / Zoom with 4-6 other applicants. Note: Please purchase interview prep below (Zelle is also accepted and encouraged) and email your resume and mock interview slot preference to 


Wharton TBD Deferred Round 

(Note 84% of our interviewees were accepted last year!)

Round One

Wednesday November 4 - 8 PM EST - FULL

Thursday November 5 - 7 PM EST  - FULL

Saturday November 7 - 12 PM EST - FULL

Sunday November 8 - 12 PM EST - FULL

Tuesday November 10 - 8 PM EST - FULL

Saturday November 14 - 12 PM EST - FULL

Sunday November 14 - 12 PM EST - 2 Spots Left

Inquire about next week if you want prep Mon-Thur next week

Michigan Ross is not doing a group interview this year due to COVID

Schedule a session so we can give you expert advice, the interview questions you will actually get, and a 1 hour detailed mock interview with feedback.


Your application / resume will be reviewed prior to our session and you will leave with the confidence that our tried and true interview techniques will position you for success on that crucial day.

MBA Interview Preparation Services

Interview Prep - 1 Session


Interview Prep - 3 Sessions (save $200)


Wharton / Ross

Group Interview Prep - 1 Session


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