Scott Edinburgh
October 9, 2015

MIT Sloan Round One Admissions Update

Did you submit your application for MIT in round one? Curious about their process and timeline? See below for an update from the admissions office:


Our Admissions Committee is busy reviewing Round 1 applications. We will begin sending out interview invitations in mid-October and continue until the week of November 9th, at which point each applicant will receive an updated status.

The interview period will last approximately six weeks, from October 26th through December 4th. We will give applicants as much notice as possible when scheduling interviews, with the choice of interviewing on campus, or in a city near their current location. We plan to visit approximately 15 cities, both within the US and abroad.  The location of the interview will not be a decision factor, but for those who can make it, we host a special program for on-campus interviewees, including lunch with current students and a class visit.

Final decisions for candidates who had an interview will be released by December 16. Please contact us if you have any further questions!


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