Scott Edinburgh
June 27, 2017

Candidate Success Spotlight: Columbia Business School June 2017 Admit with 100% Scholarship

Success with 100% Scholarship from MBA Coach

The 2017-2018 application season may just be getting underway, but my candidates are already enjoying success! One of the most frequent questions I get from applicants is: what does a successful candidate profile look like? Naturally, there is no answer but in response to applicant demand, I will be posting Candidate Success Spotlights from time to time. Here is the first story of the season:

School: Columbia

Scholarship: Full Tuition

Gender/Ethnicity: White Male

Years of Exp.: 5

GMAT: High 700’s

Pre-MBA Experience: Marketing Analytics

Education: Top 20 State School, Master’s Degree

GPA: Below Average

Post MBA Goals: Consulting, then CPG

As a white male with a below average GPA from a top 20 state school, it was important that this candidate had clear goals and compelling evidence of past professional success. A previous master’s degree and GMAT in the high 700’s also helped his application. His pre-MBA experience was in client service marketing analytics. His resume clearly articulated how he excelled above expectations in the projects he was assigned. Further, the focus of his Columbia essays was outlining a very clear, logical and thought-out career path. His past experience in marketing analytics dove-tailed well to a career in strategy consulting, with a concentration on the Consumer Goods Industry. His long-term goal was another natural step, a marketing leadership position in the CPG industry. What allowed his essays to shine even more was his goal to target a particular aspect of the industry, with specific objectives to drive change and solve an issue that was close to him personally. This personal tie to a well thought out career goal led to a compelling story.

Also on his side, particularly with Columbia’s rolling admissions, was his early application submission. He applied for admission mid-May (shortly after the questions were released), interviewed late-May and was accepted late June with a full-tuition scholarship. Nice way to start the summer!

This success story underscores the importance of starting early and including a cohesive well thought out story. Don’t wait, spots are already filling up! That said, most of the class at Columbia is empty so if you have not applied yet, you definitely still have a chance to secure a seat.

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