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7 Steps to Nail the MBA Interview!

Interview Invites Are Rapidly Rolling Out – Get Our Advice on How to Prepare Effectively!

First, if you received an interview invitation, congrats! But remember, this is only the beginning. All of your hard work on the applications, essays and GMAT may have gotten you this far, but don’t rest on your laurels! The interview is one of the most important parts of the process and one that I have seen far too many under estimate and under prepare for. Don’t make this same mistake. Read our tips and set up a mock interview with us for help!

Here are a few general things to keep in mind:

1. Know the school and the culture. Fit is extremely important in the interview process! This is why Personal MBA Coach hires former interviewers from top schools to conduct mock sessions. Be sure that you pay careful attention to each school’s culture, do online research and talk to former students. Showing how you will thrive and add value on campus is key!

2. Be sure you can clearly articulate your goals. Make sure you can carefully and succinctly explain what you want to accomplish in your career (and of course this should tie with your essays), why this path is exciting to you and how you will succeed. Be prepared to share how you plan to make your mark!

3. Prepare stories. We find bullets work best. Research the most common questions and prepare stories in advance. Focus on you! Don’t focus too much on setting up the situation. Instead, outline the key steps you took and how you excelled! Always keep in mind the skills you want to highlight and tailor the story accordingly. Generally, 4-5 stories can be easily tailored to cover all of the top questions. Assign each story to the potential question in advance. Remember: Situation, Action, Result!

4. Show enthusiasm. This does not need much clarification but be excited and smile! Particularly for the ever more popular video interviews, this enthusiasm is key.

5. Bring questions! And keep them positive. For many schools, you will get a chance to ask questions and having well thought out questions (beyond what you could have found looking online) shows genuine interest.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice!!

7. Relax! Be yourself. Your background got you this far so be yourself and enjoy the process.

Personal MBA Coach has former MBA interviewers lined up to do mock interviews

with you! Our clients have told us this is one of the most valuable steps they have

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