Michigan Ross Program Overview

Michigan Ross’s location in Ann Arbor provides access to innovative startups, renowned research facilities, and influential companies such as Google and Domino’s pizza. 

Home to over 120,000 residents, this mid-size city has been named one of the best cities to live in America, among other noteworthy accolades.

Michigan Ross itself offers a fast-paced, dynamic learning environment. Some of the school’s core values include collaboration, impact, growth, and inclusivity. 

Along with making substantial contributions to the global business community, Ross students have had a powerful impact on metropolitan areas within Michigan.

The average salary and bonus for the Michigan Ross full-time class of 2022 was $175,000, and 96% of students received job offers within three months of graduation.

Michigan Ross reported a 28.1% acceptance rate for the class of 2024 (US News).


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What Sets Michigan Ross Apart

  • Hands-on Learning: Michigan Ross believes that the best way to learn business is by doing business. During their time at Ross, students will develop and launch innovative companies, advise global organizations, invest real capital, and more. These real business experiences help students gain the experience and skills that recruiters are seeking, to set students up for success in their post-MBA careers.
  • Strong Community: Ross is known for having a particularly close-knit student body. The school’s strong sense of community can be attributed to the collaborative nature of the curriculum, as well as the school’s location and overall environment.
  • Impact Studio: The business school’s Impact Studio provides students with the opportunity to implement business knowledge, design tools, and research skills all in one place. The objective of the studio is to produce creators who make positive change a reality through design and innovation.
  • Emphasis on Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a key element of the Michigan Ross experience. Along with key entrepreneurship coursework, the school holds several events to bring this curriculum to life. Additionally, the Zell Lurie Institute at Ross brings some of the most successful faculty and entrepreneurs to Ann Arbor. 

Michigan Ross 2025 Class Profile

The Michigan Ross class of 2025 is made up of 379 students. Of these students, 43% identify as women and 43% identify as U.S. students of color. The class profile also reports that the student body is 43% international and represents 39 countries collectively.

These students came from various pre-MBA industries, with consulting, finance, and tech being the most popular. On average, the class of 2025 had 5.8 years of work experience before beginning their studies.

A large portion of students were STEM majors in their undergraduate programs, with business and humanities following as other areas of study in that order.

While there is no minimum GMAT or GRE score required to apply to Michigan Ross, students in the class of 2025 scored as follows:

Average GMAT:
  • 719


Average GRE:
  • 160 Verbal
  • 162 Quant 
Average GPA:
  • 3.43

Joint/Dual Degrees Offered at Michigan Ross

Michigan Ross also offers joint and dual degrees for those interested in pursuing more than one academic discipline or area of expertise. These include:

  • MBA/MS: This dual-degree program through University of Michigan’s Erb Institute prepares students for leadership roles in fields related to the environment and sustainability. By gaining both an MBA and a Master of Science, students will develop real-world experience, management skills, and the social/environmental perspective to approach new challenges and opportunities.
  • MD/MBA: This five-year dual degree program gives students the opportunity to explore medicine and business simultaneously. Students will earn an MD from the University of Michigan Medical School and an MBA from Michigan Ross.
  • MPH/MBA: This dual degree program between Michigan Ross and the Department of Health Management and Policy takes three years to complete. The program equips students with the leadership and management skills to take on careers in public health.
  • MBA/MPP: Run jointly by Michigan Ross and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, this dual-degree program takes three years to complete. By earning an MBA and a Master of Public Policy, students will be prepared to approach societal issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • JD/MBA: For those seeking a degree in law and business administration, the University of Michigan offers a four-year dual-degree program. The program teaches students how to develop both business and legal cases in order to excel in business and law.

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