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July 11, 2022

Michigan Ross Application Deadlines and Essay Advice: 2022-2023

Michigan Ross MBA Program Campus

The University of Michigan Ross School of Business has released its application deadlines and essays for this season. While the school offered four application rounds last year, they are returning to three rounds for the upcoming season.

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The upcoming Michigan Ross MBA application deadlines are:

Round 1: September 19, 2022

Round 2: January 8, 2023

Round 3: April 3, 2023

Once again, brevity is particularly crucial due to the number of short answer prompts and length of the career goals essay.

2022-2023 Michigan Ross MBA Application Essays:

Please see below for Personal MBA Coach’s advice on how to approach the Michigan Ross MBA application essays.

Michigan Ross Essays: Part 1: Short-Answer Questions

Select one prompt from each group of the two groups below. Respond to each selected prompt in 100 words or less (<100 words each; 200 words total).

Group 1

I want people to know that I:

I made a difference when I:

I was aware that I was different when:

Group 2

I am out of my comfort zone when:

I was humbled when:

I was challenged when:

While not explicitly stated, with a more traditional career-focused essay to follow, consider your personal background as you answer these short questions. Pick the prompt that resonates best with you as there is no preferred option.

For Group 1, think about your most unique attribute or accomplishment. What sets you apart from other applicants? A personal accomplishment or a fond personal success story would work well here. Volunteer or extracurricular stories could also be good to cover.

If you have a unique skill or talent, Group 1 would be a good place to share it. If you did something amazing that is not on your resume or that you want to call more attention to, that also would work well for this prompt. Other options for this prompt include examples of passions or values. Remember, MBA admissions directors aspire to bring a well-rounded group of students to campus each year. This is your chance to share something about your upbringing or personality that will position you to add another perspective to class discussions.

For the second group, show the reader a bit about your character. What would working and studying with you be like? This is not the time to sing your own praises but instead the time to show you are human. Show what you have gained from this experience and let the reader see that you are someone students would want to be around.

Alternatively, these prompts give candidates the opportunity to show an area of relative weakness. Authenticity and growth are key hot points for many admissions committee members. Candidates are applying to business school to grow and are not expected to be perfect when they arrive. Discussing a challenge that you have overcome and/or will continue to overcome could be a nice choice here.

Michigan Ross Essays: Part 2: Short-Answer Question

Pick one thing from your resume and tell us more. (100 words)

For this short answer, you can select something professional or extracurricular. This is your chance to elaborate on the one thing on your resume that you are most proud of and/or the item on your resume that you believe most sets you apart from other candidates.

The item you select should be meaningful to you in some way, and a solid answer will not just include a detail of what you did but will also explain to the reader why this item is important to you.

Michigan Ross Essays: Part 3: Career Goal

What is your short-term goal? (25 words)

Why is this the right short-term career goal for you? (150 words)

Be straightforward here when citing your short-term goal.

Once you have clearly stated your short-term career goal, you will want to explain the why behind this goal. You will want to explain both why this goal is right for you AND why you are positioned to succeed. There are many questions you should consider as you answer this prompt. These include: What experience do you bring to the table? What attracts you to your chosen field? Why are you passionate about it? How will this short-term goal help prepare you for your long-term goal?

Optional Statement: Is there something in your resume or application that could use some explanation? You might want to discuss the completion of supplemental coursework, employment gaps, academic issues, etc. Feel free to use bullet points where appropriate.

The optional Michigan Ross essay should only be answered by those with extenuating circumstances. Read more on our approach to optional essays.

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