Scott Edinburgh
July 7, 2022

5-School M7 Admit With $160K Scholarship

M7 School MBA Scholarships

Wondering how to get accepted to an M7 business school or other top MBA programs? While, of course, there is not one particular answer, discover how this Personal MBA Coach client got into Wharton, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Michigan Ross, and Dartmouth Tuck with $160K in scholarships! Plus, find out how they fine-tuned their testing strategy, the most challenging aspects of the MBA application process, and more.

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5-School Admit Candidate Profile Overview:

MBA Programs Accepted To: Wharton, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Michigan Ross, and Dartmouth Tuck

Gender/Nationality: Female/Indian

Years of Experience: 5

GRE: 327

Pre-MBA Experience: Consulting

Education: Top Private Research University

GPA: High 3s

Candidate Q&A 

Personal MBA Coach: Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

Candidate: I decided to pursue an MBA because I wanted to pivot from consulting to in-house corporate strategy. Pursuing an MBA would equip me with the strategic thinking and decision-making skills needed to enable such a pivot.

Personal MBA Coach: Why did you decide to turn to Personal MBA Coach for help?

Candidate: One of my close friends (also a former colleague) highly recommended Personal MBA Coach as she found success in getting into her dream school (CBS). Given the guidance and expertise that Personal MBA Coach provides, I knew working with the team would keep me accountable to all deadlines and position me for success in the rigorous MBA process.

Personal MBA Coach: What was the hardest part of the application process?

Candidate: For me, the hardest part of the application process was taking the standardized test. However, through Personal MBA Coach’s tutoring services, I was able to address my weaknesses in test taking and manage stress effectively. Eventually, I reached a score that once felt unattainable. These tutoring services equipped me with confidence in my own test taking abilities and truly unleashed my potential.

Personal MBA Coach: What was the biggest surprise for you throughout the application process?

Candidate: The biggest surprise was how beneficial it was to self-reflect deeply when cultivating my story. I pinpointed seemingly simple life experiences that turned out to have tremendous impacts on who I am today and what I want for my future. I was able to highlight what my personal brand is in my application and got a better sense of what I want to accomplish through an MBA. Such self-reflection will come in handy as I start my MBA this fall.

Personal MBA Coach: How did Personal MBA Coach help you?

Candidate: Personal MBA Coach helped me augment my test score through personalized tutoring services, hone my personal story, boost my confidence, and improve my interviewing skills through tailored feedback via multiple rounds of interview prep. Thanks to such prep, I attended every interview feeling very prepared and confident in my abilities.

Personal MBA Coach: Do you have any final pieces of advice for prospective candidates?

Candidate: If you know you want an MBA, start early, start now! One element that is particularly helpful to tackle first is the exam. Give yourself ample lead time as it may take longer than expected especially when working and studying simultaneously. The earlier you finish the exam, the more undivided attention you can give to finalizing other equally important aspects of your application.

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