Harvard MBA Program Overview

Known for its case method learning and emphasis on leadership, Harvard Business School is a strong option for MBA hopefuls seeking a competitive learning environment. Other key features of the Harvard MBA program include its focus on diversity of thought, analytical thinking, and community. Harvard Business School is also recognized for its expansive, powerful alumni network.

In year one, students will begin their studies with personal leadership activities and small team projects, later engaging in teamwork practices and expanding conversations about diversity in preparation for a global immersion experience. In year two, students will choose from a wide range of electives to build upon previous learnings. HBS MBAs conclude year two by integrating the functional skills they have developed into an understanding of the firm as a total enterprise.

The average salary and bonus for the Harvard Business School full-time class of 2022 was $175,000, and 95% of students received job offers within three months of graduation.

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What Sets Harvard Business School Apart


  • Emphasis on Leadership: Harvard Business School’s mission is to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. The school’s rich case- and experience-based curriculum enables students to develop strong general management and leadership skills that carry into their post-MBA lives.
  • Case Method Learning: Harvard Business School’s case method was established as the primary method of instruction nearly 100 years ago, making it a key element of the academic experience. This style of teaching is a 4-step process, featuring a dynamic, student-led discussion rather than the more traditional lecture-based learning.
  • Competitive Environment: The school’s rigorous experience spans beyond its curriculum into extracurriculars, recruitment events, global opportunities, internships, and more. While, naturally, all top business schools provide a challenging environment, Harvard Business School is particularly known as such.
  • Expansive, Powerful Alumni Network: Harvard Business School is particularly known for its strong alumni network. The school has 85,000 alumni in 173 countries, making the network a truly global resource. HBS alumni continue to have access to insights, expertise, training and support from faculty and fellow alumni.

Harvard vs Stanford: Similarities, Differences, & Unique Characteristics

2025 Harvard Business School MBA Class Profile

The Harvard Business School class of 2025 is made up of 938 students selected from 8,149 applicants.

Harvard Business School believes that a truly diverse student body is the foundation of their MBA experience. Looking at the class of 2025, 39% of students are international and 45% identify as women.

Class of 2025 admits had 4.9 years of pre-MBA experience on average. These students came from a variety of fields, some of the top industries being consulting, PE/VC, and technology.

The most popular undergraduate majors for the class of 2025 were engineering, business/commerce, and economics.

To give you a better idea of what test scores HBS accepts, the reported scores for the class of 2025 are as follows:

  • 500-790 Range
  • 740 Median
  • 150-170 Verbal Range
  • 163 Median Verbal
  • 145-170 Quant Range
  • 163 Median Quant
Average GPA:
  • 3.73

Joint/Dual Degrees Offered at HBS

Harvard Business School also offers joint and dual degrees for those interested in pursuing more than one academic discipline or area of expertise. These include:

  • MS/MBA Biotechnology: Life Sciences: This joint degree program combines a Harvard MBA and a Master of Science from Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Medical School. The two-year program  builds upon students’ existing knowledge of biotech and life sciences through new business and scientific insights.
  • MBA/MPP and MBA/MPA-ID: These joint degrees from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School allow students to graduate with an MBA and a Master in Public Policy, or an MBA and a Master in Public Administration-International Development. Both programs last 3 years and are designed for students with strengths in policy and cross-disciplinary management.
  • JD/MBA: This joint degree program combines the core curriculum of Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. The program is structured to be completed in 4 years, and students have access to a wide range of electives from both schools during their studies.
  • MD/MBA: Combining medicine and business, this joint degree program from Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School is grounded in fundamental management concepts, core science, and the clinical disciplines of medicine. Students complete the MD/MBA program in 5 years, with Harvard Medical School being the primary school of enrollment during the 5th year.
  • DMD/MBA: Harvard Business School’s  joint degree program with Harvard Dental School combines the practices of management and dentistry. The program is designed to produce strong dentist leaders, positioned to contribute significantly to the health and well-being of others.

2023-2024 Harvard Business School MBA Program Application Deadlines and Timeline

  • Application Deadline: September 6, 2023  
  • Decision: December 6, 2023
  •  Application Deadline: January 3, 2024 
  • Decision: March 27, 2024


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