April 13, 2021

Dartmouth Tuck

I applied from one of the most competitive categories in MBA – Indian Male engineer. My age was on the higher side (30 yrs) and my GMAT score of 730 was a little low for the competitive category of Indian Male engineers. I was also a reapplicant.

One of my friends recommended Scott to me. I worked with Scott on three schools. Got waitlisted in Kellogg and accepted in Tuck.

1) Scott is very professional, humble, and straight forward. If something is lacking in the essay or some part of your profile needs work, Scott will tell you in a straightforward manner ( without sugar coating). This is one of the best things a liked about him – he gives honest feedback.

2) His insights on what the admission committee of different schools seeks are fantastic. Therefore, his recommendations on which school to apply for were very useful. In fact, I wasn’t even considering applying to Kellogg, but Scott recommended that I apply and I was waitlisted.

3) He will push you to self-reflect and think more about your experiences and stories.

4) One of Scott’s associates who is an ex-Kellogg interviewer took my mock interview. Her feedback on the mock interview was very helpful and she gave detailed question-by-question feedback. She also coached me on how to answer the questions. My confidence post the mock interview increased tremendously.

Overall, I wouldn’t have done it without Scott’s coaching and help. He helped me navigate through each part of the MBA application process and I got through my dream school – Tuck. Thank you, Scott. I wholeheartedly recommend Personal MBA Coach for MBA applications.