April 13, 2021


I decided to work with Scott after doing consultations with four other firms. I was very disillusioned about the industry and wasn’t sure if I even wanted to work with anyone. Upon speaking with him, I was very pleasantly surprised by our natural chemistry and his easygoing nature. Rather than pushing a cookie-cutter narrative for my industry, he asked me for my story and pointed out areas that I should give more thought to. I was incredibly aggressive/ambitious in my school selection, however, Scott was very encouraging while still holding me accountable.

Scott’s team pushed me to take my essays to new levels which I can now appreciate was instrumental in bringing my personality to life in the application. When I did not perform well on my GMAT, Scott was very direct with me that I was jeopardizing my future success. After leveraging Personal MBA Coach’s GMAT tutoring service, I was able to hit my target score. The interview prep, specifically for Wharton’s TBD, helped me ease my nerves before the actual interviews. I was waitlisted at my top choice and heavily relied on Scott’s guidance in writing update letters and also for strategies on how to navigate the smoke and mirrors of being a waitlisted candidate.

I have so much respect for Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach. Their commitment to helping early-career individuals achieve their professional goals is unwavering. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for a customized partnership in the application process. I am extremely excited and proud to be following in Scott’s footsteps by attending Wharton this fall!!”