Scott Edinburgh
March 28, 2022

MBA Candidate Success Spotlight: 2021/2022 Four-School Admit

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When applying to business school, applicants often want to know what it takes to get accepted into their target programs. Although there is not one specific answer, Personal MBA Coach shares MBA admissions blog posts from time to time to highlight successful clients.

If you are planning on applying to MBA programs this upcoming fall, it is time to get started!

Below, learn how this client worked with Personal MBA Coach to receive offers from Wharton, Columbia Business School, Chicago Booth, and Duke Fuqua.

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Penn Wharton MBA Class of 2024 Candidate Profile Overview:

MBA Program: Wharton

Gender/Ethnicity: Male/White

Years of Experience: 4

GMAT: Mid/High 700s

Pre-MBA Experience: Consulting

Education: Top Liberal Arts College

GPA: Mid 3s

Candidate Q&A:

Personal MBA Coach: Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

Candidate: I decided to pursue an MBA because I wanted to pivot from my current role in operations consulting to one that was more strategic in nature. After receiving sponsorship to attend business school through my company, it seemed like the perfect time to pursue this career pivot.

Personal MBA Coach: Why did you decide to turn to Personal MBA Coach for help?

Candidate: I chose to work with Personal MBA Coach because of a candid, straight-shooting info session that Scott and his team hosted through my employer. It was clear that the team would provide great insight into the MBA recruiting process while also giving me honest answers about what I was doing well, where I had opportunities for improvement, and how I could present my best business school case.

Personal MBA Coach: What was the hardest part of the application process?

Candidate: For me, the most difficult part of the application process was essay writing. I must have gone through at least 10 iterations of each essay, with adjustments ranging from minor grammatical and wording tweaks to total overhauls of my initial ideas. I felt that Scott and his team gave each of my drafts the same level of attention.

Personal MBA Coach: How did you decide on which schools to apply to?

Candidate: I knew I wanted to attend a school in a larger city with strong finance opportunities. I also was interested in attending a well-renowned and prestigious university. These factors, coupled with direction from Personal MBA Coach, helped me arrive at the list of schools to which I applied.

Personal MBA Coach: What was the biggest surprise for you throughout the application process?

Candidate: The biggest surprise for me about the application process is the level of precision that is required on pieces of the application. Resumes, short answers, essays, interviews – all require extreme attention to detail. While I experienced something similar during undergrad applications, business school applications were an entirely different beast.

Personal MBA Coach: How did Personal MBA Coach help you?

Candidate: Personal MBA Coach improved every single facet of my application. The biggest impact I saw was in my resume and in defining my “why business school” story. The team at Personal MBA Coach provided detailed feedback on my resume to ensure I used every word on the page effectively. The team also helped sculpt my “why business school” story, which started as a vague set of thoughts and was transformed into a coherent story that traced through numerous areas of my background.

Personal MBA Coach: Do you have any final pieces of advice for prospective candidates?

Candidate: As cliché as it sounds, starting early is my biggest piece of advice. You don’t realize how much work there is to do until you actually get into it, and the Personal MBA Coach team held me accountable and kept me on track throughout the process.

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