Scott Edinburgh
January 27, 2016

Preparation Tips For Round 2 Interviews

Interview invites and preparation

Round 2 interview invites are starting to be sent out. Here are some thoughts for preparation as you get those invites…

How much time do you need to prepare for interviews?

~2 weeks, but this depends on how you prepare. Generally the amount of time the school gives you between the invite and the first appointment is enough time, though it can help to give yourself a few extra days to make sure you nail your stories and delivery. There is no need to wait until the end of the interview window, but take time to think through your resume, why MBA, why the specific school, and then all of the other school specific questions

How can you prepare for interviews on your own?

I provide interview advice, school specific questions and mock interviews. That said, if you prefer to do it on your own, here are a few tips:

1. Prepare many behavioral stories for each question that you may have to answer. – You never know how you will get thrown off during the interview and if you only prepare one answer to “Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership,” then perhaps you would have already talked about the story you had prepared for that question. By having multiple stories, you are able to solve this.

2. Think about the reasons you made each of your career choices. While this seems clear to you, sometimes interviewers will poke at your resume and wonder why you made each decision and how that path logically leads to an MBA.

3. Be very clear and concise. Interviewers talk to many people each day and often days in a row so you want to ensure you come across very clear and are also engaging. If you send mixed messages, it makes it that much harder for the interviewer to remember: Jennifer came from XYZ, has excelled at ABC, but loves doing 123. You want those clear, impactful messages.

Contact me if you want individual interview preparation, or find more information below. Good luck!

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