claire cahill
March 23, 2022

Oxford Saïd

Great team. Really helpful. Helped me drill down my story and USP’s. Really good feedback on essays. The interview practice was great. Every answer was reviewed and feedback was given on the spot so I could easily make notes on how to improve.

Payment plans are available which enabled me to use the services. Scott is flexible. Although he is running a business, I got the impression that he cared about providing a service that would get the results I was looking for. He gives honest feedback, if he doesn’t think he can help you he will make this clear at the outset and suggest other options rather than just take your money without considering your desired outcomes.

I started working with Scott pretty late (November for January deadlines) in my application cycle and was worried that I may have left it too late but the team was really accommodating and reviewed my applications surprisingly quickly given the holiday season. The service was great and I would recommend it to anyone who can afford it.

If there was one thing I would suggest by way of improvement it would be to add an adcom specialist from a European School. I think that may set PMC apart from everyone else. To anyone reading this please don’t read this as they don’t know how to get you into a European school (I got into Oxford), I just think adding someone who has European experience will add something to the team.

Thanks to Scott, I am really happy with my results!