Scott Edinburgh
January 4, 2022

Personal MBA Coach’s EMBA Program Overview

EMBA Program Overview

With EMBA deadlines for schools such as MIT, Columbia and Cornell approaching in just a matter of weeks, it is officially EMBA application season.

To help you begin developing your EMBA target school list and EMBA application strategy, Personal MBA Coach would like to share an overview of some of the top EMBA programs. (For those of you still deciding between an EMBA and an MBA, check out the benefits of each program and what sets them apart.

Overview of Top Executive MBA Programs

“Traditional” EMBA programs are designed for EMBA applicants who want to continue working full time and attend classes on the weekends. Some of the most popular programs include:

Chicago Booth EMBA

  • The Chicago Booth EMBA program lasts 21 months. Students are assigned to Chicago, London, or Hong Kong as their primary campus.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 2/14/2022, 4/4/2022 & 6/6/2022.

Wharton EMBA

  • The Wharton EMBA program lasts 24 months. Students can choose between the school’s Philadelphia or San Francisco campus.
  • The upcoming EMBA deadline is 2/9/2022.

Kellogg EMBA

  • The Kellogg EMBA is a 24-month program. Students have the choice between the Miami, FL and Evanston, IL campuses.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 4/20/2022 & 6/1/2022 (September 2022 start) or 8/17/2022 & 10/5/2022 (January 2023 start).

Columbia Business School EMBA

  • Columbia Business School offers an EMBA NY Friday/Saturday option, lasting 20 months, and an EMBA NY Saturday option, which lasts 24 months.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 1/12/2022 & 2/23/2022 (EMBA NY Saturday) or 3/23/2022 & 5/25/2022 (EMBA NY Friday/Saturday).

Duke Fuqua EMBA

  • Duke Fuqua’s Weekend EMBA is a 22-month program with one three-day residency a month and hybrid distance learning periods in between. The Global EMBA program lasts 21 months and offers one-week residencies in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, preceded and followed by distance learning periods and a final two-week residency in Durham, NC.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 1/5/2022, 2/2/2022, 3/2/2022 & 4/6/2022 (Weekend EMBA) or 1/5/2022, 2/2/2022, 3/2/2022, 4/6/2022 & 5/4/2022 (Global EMBA).

Michigan Ross EMBA

  • The Michigan Ross EMBA program holds on-campus residencies once a month from Friday to Saturday over the course of 21 months. Students have the choice between Ann Arbor, MI and Los Angeles, CA campuses.
  • Upcoming deadlines are 2/1/2022, 3/15/2022 & 5/1/2022.


  • The 22-month NYU Stern EMBA program holds classes every other week. In the first year of the program, each class participates in a one-week international residency.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 3/1/2022 & 6/1/2022 (August 2022 start) or 10/1/2022 & 11/1/2022 (January 2023 start).

UCLA Anderson EMBA

  • UCLA Anderson’s EMBA program offers biweekly and monthly schedules for students over the course of 22 months. Before the second year begins, students can travel abroad to destinations in Asia, South America, and Europe for a one-week residential course.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 2/1/2022 & 5/1/2022.

Berkeley Haas EMBA

  • The 22-month Berkeley Haas EMBA program holds classes every Thursday through Saturday about once a month. The program offers five field immersions that explore leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, international business, and business and public policy.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 2/9/2022 & 4/7/2022.


  • MIT Sloan’s 20-month program holds classes every third weekend, with one week-long module every six months. Students also embark on a one-week international project trip.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 1/13/2022, 3/17/2022 & 5/26/2022.


  • Yale SOM’s EMBA program lasts 22 months and holds classes every other weekend, Friday and Saturday consecutively.
  • Upcoming EMBA deadlines are 1/31/2022 & 3/30/2022.

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